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2WD Fuel Tank- 12mm outlet

SKU: 006671
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2WD Fuel Tank- 12mm outlet

2WD Fuel Tank- 12mm outlet


Brand new 16-gallon (60 Liters) stock size fuel tank with a 12mm outlet. This tank uses the 251201139A (50mm) filler neck seal available in the fuel tank reseal kits below. If your van came with the plastic filler neck that tapers from the opening where you pump the fuel to the opening at the tank (see picture below) and your van uses the canister style fuel filter located behind the fuel pump, then this is the tank for you. All fuel tanks, regardless of the filler neck size, use a 7mm return (from the left side plastic hardline).


Note from Van Cafe: we know there are cheaper tanks on the market but, in our years of experience, we've had nothing but issues with them:  leaking welds, poorly stamped holes for the grommets and sending unit, etc.  We source the best quality out there because replacement is NOT a job you want to be doing twice.  This tank is the only tank we are willing to install in our own repair shop.

You should grab this fuel tank reseal kit
 to complete the installation.

Stock tanks came in both 7mm (early model) and 12mm (late model) outlets to the fuel pump.  Please check yours to verify fitment.

If you're rehabbing your fuel tank, why not consider a new fuel gauge sender? There is an early and late style, each of which can be used with this tank.
Fuel senders for Vans manufactured up to Aug. of 1987 can be found here.
Fuel senders for Vans manufactured after Aug. of 1987 can be found here

Please note: The sending units can be tight to install - line up tabs and twist into place. The tabs on the tank may be bent down a little more than necessary, making it tough to twist. If this is the case, take a crescent wrench and slightly bend upward - not too much as you need to keep tension on the seal. These tanks have a rough life traveling across the ocean and may have imperfections in the paint, but this will not affect their performance.

The manufacture suggest the following: Steel tank A thorough visual inspection of the steel tank is important as contaminants may lead to major corrosion where the fuel tank will necessitate replacement. When there is no more steel surface corrosion in the tank but only loose contaminants, we are then ready to clean the fuel tank. NOTE Do not use any electric tools to empty the fuel tank, fire or explosion may occur. Empty the fuel tank in a recommended fuel recovery station. Add 3 ounces of dish soap and hot water into the fuel tank, filling it at approximately 1/8. Vigorously shake the tank back and forth to dislodge contaminants, then empty the soapy water. Rinse several times by adding water to remove all soap residues. Remove excess water with a shop vacuum cleaner and use shop air to dry the inside of the tank rapidly. 

Ref ID: 251201075AH


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