Knowledge Base

We are continually compiling answers to our most frequently asked questions and decided it was high time to get them into one, awesome space. Welcome to the Van Cafe knowledge base. It is our goal to provide the best customer service, so we hope this provides even more information than you ever wanted to know (about vans, and van stuff, of course). Dig into any topic that suits you and if you don’t see it here, just reach out and ask us. We'd love to write about it!

Propex heaters

The most informative repository for troubleshooting, general FAQs and installation on the web from the only US Distributor.

Subaru COnversions

Conversion options, cruise control, in-house conversions, Subaru engines, and more.

Instructions & product documents

Instructions & manuals for our Rocky Mountain Westy & Van Cafe product lines manufactured here in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Vanagon FAQs

Everything from running problems, digifant system components, oil pressure issues...the list goes on.

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