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Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter

$1,099.95 - $1,329.95
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Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter

Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter

$1,099.95 - $1,329.95

Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter

$1,099.95 - $1,329.95

Customizable modular roof rack designed for the DIY’er in all of us. Affix your rocket box, bike rack, ski rack, kayak, paddleboards, etc. Work around solar panels & vents. Mount ladders, awnings, and more. Watch the sunsets from up high, enjoy a book and lounge on your deck. Whatever you can think of, the Rooftop Deck can handle it. You decide what your Sprinter roof rack needs and build it!

Note: The Rooftop Deck is designed for 2007-2022 2nd & 3rd Generation (906/907/910) Sprinter vans. 


Why Aluminum? It is durable, lightweight, weather resistant, corrosion resistant, and infinitely recyclable. It does not weaken when exposed to the sun and does not rust. It’s the perfect metal.

When we say DIY, we mean it. Solo install may even be preferred, and the modular, no-drill design means small, manageable pieces that ship easily, unbox smoothly, and install flawlessly. You see – here at Van Cafe, we are innovators, thinkers, creators, doers and most importantly, users, designing the Rooftop Deck with users in mind. Most parts are fabricated right in our shop in Fort Collins, Colorado and have been thoroughly tested (and used!) by us.

The components of the Rooftop Deck are the Base Perimeter Rack, Planks, Filler Panels & Deck Boards. Diagram and descriptions below.


Base Perimeter Rack:

  • Made of lightweight extruded aluminum.
  • Works around solar panels, vents, and other elements on the roof of your van. 
  • Great for mounting awnings, side ladders and more.
  • The Perimeter is extruded – which has 4 slots around the inch and a half square tube that allows complete versatility and provides a strong base.
  • Comes with aluminum corner kits which have inner and outer support and secures the rack together. The corner kits are tig welded.
  • Also comes with riser kits that mounts to each model van specifically through the factory mounting points.



  • Made of aluminum and weigh only a few pounds apiece.
  • Run perpendicular to your vehicle (driver to passenger side) and provide the cross support and decking surface all in one.
  • 8″ wide and can be placed anywhere along your deck to accommodate roof vents, solar panels, or air conditioners.
  • They have a grid of holes and mounting points that have been laser cut for versatility in mounting options (they are also bent and formed in a CNC press brake).  

Filler Panel: 

  • Designed and created as the front and rear panel of the rack.
  • Fill the gap right behind the front and rear crossbars and offers mounts for lights, tie-downs, and accessories. 
  • You can put a Filler Panel on the front, rear, or both areas of the Base Perimeter Rack.

Deck Boards: 

  • Smaller, lightweight boards that continue the theme of versatility. The size of the deck boards is 16" x 26.75" from the mounting points. 
  • Deck Boards don’t have the structural integrity of the planks as they are designed for add-on decking to cover smaller gaps created by roof vents and other elements on your roof.
  • Grid holes to mount components and accessories. You may also use up to 14 Deck Boards to complete your Rooftop Deck.

A note about packing and shipping: The Rooftop Deck is modular, which means it comes in pieces and for those old enough to remember, think erector set. It ships in a few standard size boxes. Our warehouse is stocked since the components don’t take much room. The pandemic has presented a supply chain challenge, but we still believe we will have the shortest lead times – our goal is to always have product in stock and ready to go.

Looking for the RTD Side Ladder? Click Here


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The Rooftop Deck is designed for 2007-2022 2nd and 3rd generation Sprinter vans (906/907/910).
Weights (including hardware & brackets)  
Base Perimeter Rack 144" 35 lbs
Base Perimeter Rack 170" 39 lbs
Base Perimeter Rack 170" EXT 43.5 lbs
Optional to add:  
Plank (1 per) 7.5 lbs
Deck Board (1 per) 5 lbs
Filler Panel (1 per) 4 lbs

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