Van Cafe Rooftop Deck Overview

Jun 10th 2022

Van Cafe Rooftop Deck Overview

The Van Cafe Rooftop Deck is a versatile roof rack for Sprinter vans, ProMaster vans and Transit vans. The modular rack is designed for the DIY'er in all of us - decide what your van needs and build it! Affix your rocket box, bike rack, ski or snowboard rack, kayak, etc. while easily working around solar panels and vents. You can mount side ladders, awnings and more.

Below is an animation showing the whole Rooftop Deck (Base Perimeter Rack, Planks, Filler Panels and Deck Boards). 

Below is the the RTD Side Ladder and Rooftop Deck - Base Perimeter Rack on a Ford Transit van. 

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