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  • Rear Brake Kit
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    Rear Brake Kit

    1980-1991 2WD and Syncro Vanagons can use this Rear Brake Kit. Included are Zimmerman or Brembo Drums, Brake Shoes, ATE Wheel Cylinders, and a spring kit. Buying brake parts in kit form ensures that you get all of the parts needed to do the job. You will...
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  • 1980-85 2WD Front Brake Kit

    1980-85 2WD Front Brake Kit

    This will fit 1980-1985 2WD Vanagons and includes rotors, set brake pads, inner and outer wheel bearings. If your van was made 1980 thru mid-1984 you will use the "Early" kit listed above. The issue is that the outer wheel bearings changed after chassis...
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    Big Brake Rotor 288mm

    Big Brake Rotor 288mm

    This is the replacement brake rotor for the late model Audi-based big brake kit that uses the 288mm rotor.  When we had this Audi-based big brake kit, the calipers were sourced from '99 to '04 Audi A4 1.8t with front wheel drive. However, the...