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Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter Approach

$1,999.95 - $2,239.95
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Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter Approach

Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter Approach

$1,999.95 - $2,239.95

Rooftop Deck: Mercedes Sprinter Approach

$1,999.95 - $2,239.95


Lightweight, durable, weather and corrosion-resistant, and recyclable.

No-Drill Design
Easy to install and adjustable to reconfigure according to your needs.

Roof Access
Easily attach the Van Cafe side ladder, awning, road shower, and even hang out on your roof!

Space Saving
Affix your rocket box, gear, shovel, firewood, gas cans, skis, you name it.

In Stock
Fabricated in Fort Collins, Colorado and always available. No supply chain issues.

Frequently asked questions

  • Of course! It wouldn't be a deck without being able to enjoy it! Whether you just want to hang out and catch a sunset or need a spot to mount solar panels and gear, the rooftop deck can accommodate the load. However, it is not recommended while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The Approach package includes:

    Base Perimeter Rack
    Made of extruded aluminum, the Base Perimeter Rack consists of extruded aluminum outer rails, the Riser Kit, and all hardware to mount to your factory mounting points. The Perimeter rack is flush mounted, making it low and tight to the van, while still allowing for easy access to tie-downs.

    3 Planks
    The Rooftop Deck planks run perpendicular to your van (driver side to passenger side) and provide cross support and deck surface. They sport gridded mounting points for maximum versatility. All necessary hardware included.

    2 Deck Boards
    The Deck Boards create additional stability on the walkable, usable surface of the Approach roof rack and bolt directly into the Planks. All necessary hardware included.
  • The total weight of the Approach rack is 76.90 - 86.99lbs.
  • Shipping
    In most cases we ship your rack the same business day! The Rooftop Deck (RTD) Package is modular, which means it ships in just a few standard-size boxes without the need for oversize freight. Plus, since we fabricate the RTD in Fort Collins, we are always in stock. All orders over $99 ship free to the continental United States.

    We also offer shipping insurance. Learn more about our shipping policies.

    Please Note: All orders that are returned within 31 to 90 days of being received by the customer may qualify for a refund as store credit with a 15% restocking fee, or to the original form of payment with a 20% restocking fee. An additional 10% restocking fee is added to products that are powder coated.

    We allow returns on the RTD when it is in new, unused condition up to 90 days. Learn more about our return policy.

    We at Van Cafe stand behind our products 100%. We are confident you will be happy with the quality and craftsmanship of your Rooftop Deck. However, should something arise we warranty the RTD for up to one year from the purchase date. Learn more about our warranty policy
  • We estimate about six hours for installation.

    You will start by attaching the Riser Kit to the factory mounting points, then the Base Perimeter Rack (the extruded aluminum rails), followed by the Planks, and finally Deck Boards. You can view the instructions via the links below:


Build Your Own

The DIY Dream.
Starting at $975

Weight: 34lbs - 163lbs
Usable Surface Area: 0 - 57.5 sq/ft

Base Perimeter Rack
0-10 Planks
0-12 Deck Boards

Best for
The van owner who wants to design their own roof rack to fit around various elements, mount an awning, or just roll with a Base Perimeter Rack.

The Approach

The Essential Roof Rack.
Starting at $1,999.95

Weight: 76.90 - 86.99lbs
Usable Surface Area: 13 sq/ft

Base Perimeter Rack
3 Planks
2 Deck Boards

Best for
Minimalist adventurers who need space for just a little bit of gear, walkable space to maintain roof elements (vents, solar panels) or just want to take in the view.

The Summit

The Utlimate Platform.
Starting at $3,799.95

Weight: 139.98 - 150.06lbs
Usable Surface Area: 33 sq/ft

Base Perimeter Rack
7 Planks
9 Deck Boards

Best for
Families and gear hounds that want the ultimate in functional space to watch the sunset from the roof, have lots of toys to tie down, or want to rock a cargo box.

The Van Cafe Approach Rooftop Deck package is the essential roof rack for Mercedes Sprinter vans. Whether you are looking to transport gear, access roof elements, or even have enough space to hang out and enjoy a sunset the Van Cafe Rooftop Deck system can accommodate all of your needs. The Approach Rooftop Deck is perfect for minimalist adventurers who need a space for just a little bit of gear, walkable space to maintain roof elements (vents, solar panels), or just take in the view. The Approach Rooftop Deck is designed for the 144”, 170”, and 170” Extended wheelbase.

  • Rack weighs 76.90 - 86.99lbs: lightweight, all-aluminum, durable, and weather resistant
  • Designed and fabricated in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Easy Installation: no drilling required
  • Ships same day (Monday - Friday)
  • Compatible with: Fiamma Awnings, Road Shower, Van Cafe RTD Ladder, and more

Why Extruded Aluminum?

Durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and infinitely recyclable, extruded aluminum does not weaken when exposed to the sun and does not rust. It’s the perfect material for exterior-mounted accessories. Extruded aluminum also has the added benefit of using t-slots allowing for a fully modular and customizable layout based on your adventuring needs.

The Components:

3 Planks:

  • 7.70lbs durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Run the driver to the passenger side and provide the cross-support
  • 8″ wide and can be placed anywhere along your deck to accommodate roof vents, solar panels, or air conditioners
  • Pre-cut holes allow for mounting your gear where it works best for you

2 Deck Boards:

  • 4.55lbs durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Deck Boards are designed for add-on decking to cover smaller gaps created by roof vents and other elements on your roof making up the “deck” surface
  • Smaller, lightweight boards that continue the theme of versatility. The size of the deck boards is 16" x 26.75" from the mounting points 
  • Pre-cut Grid holes to mount components and accessories. You may also use up to 14 Deck Boards to complete your Rooftop Deck

Note: This roof rack is designed for 2007-2023 Mercedes Sprinters. 


The Approach is all aluminum, which means it is durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and infinitely recyclable. Does not weaken when exposed to the sun and does not rust. 

  • Weight: 76.90 - 86.99lbs depending on length
  • Square Footage: 13 sq/ft
  • Included components: Base Perimeter Rack, 3 Planks, 2 Deck Boards


View or download: 

The Rooftop Deck is designed for 2007-2022 2nd and 3rd generation Sprinter vans (906/907/910).
Weights (including hardware & brackets)  
Base Perimeter Rack 144" 35 lbs
Base Perimeter Rack 170" 39 lbs
Base Perimeter Rack 170" EXT 43.5 lbs
Optional to add:  
Plank (1 per) 7.5 lbs
Deck Board (1 per) 5 lbs
Filler Panel (1 per) 4 lbs

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