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Propex HS2211 6500 BTU Exterior Gas Air Heater

$1,299.95 - $1,359.95
SKU: KT-HS2211
Maximum Purchase: 3 units
  • Extended Warranty Graphic
  • Two-stage LPG Regulator
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Propex HS2211 6500 BTU Exterior Gas Air Heater

Propex HS2211 6500 BTU Exterior Gas Air Heater

$1,299.95 - $1,359.95

Propex HS2211 6500 BTU Exterior Gas Air Heater

$1,299.95 - $1,359.95
  • Extended Warranty Graphic
  • Two-stage LPG Regulator

Why go home when it snows?  Extend your adventure season and travel in comfort!

The Propex HeatSource HS2211 is a reliable propane furnace boasting 6500 BTU's of clean, dry, warm air.  Maintaining a steady cabin temperature is easy with the included digital thermostat -- simply set your desired temp and enjoy!

Propex HeatSource heaters separate the combustion circuit from the cabin so there is neither condensation nor risk of carbon monoxide entering the vehicle  The result is clean, quiet, dependable heat in your vehicle.  

The Propex HS2211 is a weatherproof, externally mounted unit perfect for campervans, trailers, tiny homes, semis, boats, even rooftop tents - anywhere you need reliable heat without taking up valuable cabin space.

Propex HS2211 External Gas Air Heater Features:

  • Mounted under the vehicle for maximum space savings
  • Frugal 1.7A current draw
  • Self-diagnostic onboard safety controls
  • Dependable integrated electronics
  • All installation hardware, ducting, wiring, and combustion pipes included
  • Three-year manufacturer's warranty from date of purchase
  • Fully supported in the United States by Van Cafe

Do I need the Propex high altitude model?

Much like when you climb a mountain, combustion heaters need to breathe a little harder at elevation.  With the proprietary modifications we perform in-house, your Propex will run reliably at 9,000… 10,000… 11,000 feet, meaning you’ll have clean, dry heat when you need it most.  If you plan to regularly camp at elevations higher than 7,500 feet (2286 meters), we recommend one of the Van Cafe modified heaters.  Simply select the High Altitude model in the drop down above. The High Altitude model will also run great at sea level so its a win win! 

We now offer a five-year extended warranty for this Propex heater unit.  Click here for terms and conditions.

Need even MORE heat output?  Check out the 9500 BTU Propex HS2800

Please note: you'll also need a 1/4" - 1/4" compression fitting to install this heater onto your 1/4" tubing.  Add yours by selecting the checkbox above.  We have a great installation article located in the instruction tab! 

If you are looking for more information about this product, please visit our Propex Installation and Troubleshooting Tips.

If this heater is out of stock, simply click the 'email me when back in stock' button and we will notify you as soon as we receive inventory. 

HAVING RUNNING ISSUES WITH YOUR PROPEX HEATER? Reach out to our Technical Support Team (bottom of the page). 

Ref ID: HS2211-D



Please click here for installation instructions.

View unit measurements.

Installing the revised propane fitting: Fitting Instructions

You can find all of our Propex help aritcles and instructions here.

Model HS2211
Maximum dimensions
Height: 230mm, Width: 157mm, length: 430mm
Weight Under-floor Installation 7.7kg
Gas Butane 28-30mbar – CAT I3+ (28-30/37), Butane/Propane 30mbar – CAT I3B/P (30) Propane 37mbar – CAT I3p (37) Gas Consumption (M) 150g/h Classification of Heater Type: C53 (Fanned)
Normal Installation C13 Vehicle In Motion Installation
Nominal Heat Input Gas 2.0Kw Battery Supply
Nominal voltage 12V d.c.
Operating range 10.0V d.c. min. to 15V d.c. max.
Maximum current d.c. gas operation: 1.7 Amps (0.01Amps on standby)
Dry Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Hot Air Duct Diameter 60mm ID Flue Diameter 22mm ID
Maximum Exhaust Flue Length 2m
Minimum Exhaust Flue Length 0.75m
Maximum Combustion Air Flue Length 1.0m
Minimum Combustion Air Flue Length 1.0m

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