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European Muffler 1.9L & 2.1L without Rear Catalytic Converter

SKU: 001438
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European Muffler 1.9L & 2.1L without Rear Catalytic Converter

European Muffler 1.9L & 2.1L without Rear Catalytic Converter


We got these mufflers because people wanted to use them for diesel engine conversion. This muffler came stock on the following engine codes DF, DG, and DJ (All not originally imported to North America). This muffler fills the gap where the catalytic converter normally goes on 1.9Ltr & 2.1Ltr and is a little over 37.5" (952.5mm) long. The stock muffler is 29.2" (741.7mm) long.


This muffler uses the 2.1Ltr tailpipe and uses the stock tailpipe gasket in its stock configuration. If you are using this muffler for a 1.9ltr with the stock exhaust mounting system, please use the 1.9ltr tailpipe instead. If you are using this for a 1.9Ltr you will need to use the catalytic converter gasket. If you are using this for a 2.1Ltr you can use either the cat. gasket or the donut depending on what your current J pipe will accept. If you are purchasing a new J pipe, you will need to use the donut.

If you are interested in this muffler because you want to remove your catalytic converter entirely, please consider the following:

If your state has emissions testing, this will reduce the chances of passing the emissions test. Do your research.
If you have a 1.9L Van, this muffler's circumference is a little bigger, so you may need to modify your muffler bracket/strap/braces in order to attach it. We have not installed this into a 1.9L Van here at our shop, so we are not sure exactly the modifications needed. You will need to determine that yourself.

If you have a 2.1L Van, your oxygen sensor plugs into the catalytic converter, so if you remove the cat, you will need to make a hole in your J pipe and weld in a bung to house your oxygen sensor. We recommend this be done by a shop that specializes in exhaust since the oxygen sensor will need to go in a specific place and orientation to read accurately.

Ref ID: 025251053H


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