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Early Plastic Filler Neck

SKU: 001989
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Early Plastic Filler Neck

Early Plastic Filler Neck


Early plastic filler neck.Can replace the early metal filler neck if you use 251 201 139B filler neck seal.

This filler neck with the following parts can be used on 84-91 2wd gas models: 251 201 119D , 251 201 131A and 251 201 197 . It will differ in several key features. The original 84 thru 91 plastic filler neck was bonded/crimped to the metal top that contained a rollover check valve. If you convert using these parts there will be no check valve and although the gas cap should contain most of your fuel in the event of a rollover, we highly advise you not to roll your van! The opening where you put the gas pump nozzle is larger than the normal non-leaded version. This is a good thing if you have or want to convert your van to diesel. It also it means that it is possible for your teenage prodigy or brain dead friend to fill your van with diesel fuel when it should be filled with unleaded gas. While not the end of the world, this could force you to write said offender out of your will as you clean and flush your fuel system.
This could also be desirable if you need a new fuel tank and your van has the larger federal style filler neck. You could use this filler with the additional parts above and use 251 201 139A filler neck seal to use the new fuel tank.

The original style plastic vent tube for the filler neck is no longer made and the aftermarket version is not made correctly. If you need one we have made a new version with aluminum ends please click here. If you need a new filler neck housing please click here.

Ref ID: 251201121D


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