Propex Non-Warranty Repair Agreement

Jan 23rd 2024

Propex Non-Warranty Repair Agreement

Before sending in your heater for repair you must first contact and receive approval.

By sending your unit in for repair, you are agreeing to the following conditions.

1.) The customer is responsible for shipping charges both to and from Van Cafe.

2.) Van Cafe is not responsible for heaters that are lost, or damaged in the shipping process.

3.) The unit will not be returned until the repair invoice is paid in full.

4.) Bench repair is $150 per hour (minimum of one hour) + Replacement parts.

5. ) Van Cafe will not return defective or replaced parts that are removed from the unit.

6.) Due to the nature of the repair process your unit may have scratches or blemishes that were not present before.

7.) If your unit is sent in for repair and no issue is found the customer will still be responsible for paying one hour of bench time.

8.) If the repair invoice is not paid in full within six months of being completed Van Cafe will assume ownership of the unit and all of the components that were sent in.

All units sent to Van Cafe will undergo full diagnostic testing with properly installed accessories. If the unit runs as it should on our bench that means there is something in your system that is causing the heater to run improperly.

Please make sure you package your unit adequately before shipping it. This will ensure the heater will not get damaged during shipping.