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A/C Compressor - Late 1986-91

SKU: KT- 005633
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A/C Compressor - Late 1986-91

A/C Compressor - Late 1986-91


This NEW Sanden compressor (SD7H15 for R134a) works on 2WD Vanagon's 12/86-91 and Syncro's 8/86-91.

The current batch we have will require you to convert your stock hoses to the corresponding R134a A/C hoses... "What does this mean?" you might be asking yourself. This means that you need to replace the A/C lines during this compressor replacement (look in our photos to see a comparison of the compressor fittings on the new R134a on the left vs. the stock R12 on the right). In our opinion when getting a 30+ year old system up and running that hasn't been operational for possibly 20 of those years it is always best to have as many new pieces as possible, but most of us here just roll the windows down for now. However we do NOT provide these hoses at the moment, but most specialty hose shops or A/C specialty shops have a way to make the hoses needed.

We admit that we are not A/C experts and we are constantly asked about the oil that comes in the compressor so we asked the local A/C shop that we refer work to this question and here was his response:

"I drain the fluid out of the AC compressor because I like to use my oil and I do not trust any that comes in any component. There's usually 5 oz in the compressor which is correct but, the system has roughly 8 oz. total in it so when you clean and flush the whole system, you need to have more than what is just in the compressor. I add roughly 5 oz. to compressor / 2 oz. at evaporator / 0.3 oz. at rec/drier / 0.3 oz. for discharge hose and 0.3 for suction hose. I just dribble it in at these respective points."

Keep in mind that most customers do leave what comes in the compressors in there and we have never heard of any issue so this is just one mechanic's advice that we thought we would pass along.

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